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National Football Safeguarding Weekend, 20-21 November 2021, is here and we hope that you will join forces with us to get involved with the ‘Play Safe’ campaign!

‘Play Safe’ is being run in partnership with the NSPCC and will be supported right across the game. This campaign emphasises the importance of clubs having safeguarding at the heart of all what they do and that parents/carers and children themselves know what to do if they feel unsafe or worried. Nothing matters more than making sure football is safe for everyone, especially children and young people. You can read more about Play Safe on The FA’s website here and via our news item

As a  parents/carers we ask you to:

  *   Put the CWO/NSPCC helpline number in their phone;
  *   Introduce themselves to the CWO;
  *   Ensure you know who their coach is;
  *   Discuss the club’s code of conduct with their child - and make sure they understand it;
  *   Complete The FA Safeguarding For All free online course;
  *   Regularly check-in with their child to see what they are enjoying/not enjoying at football and why;
  *   Reflect on whether they are:

-          Keeping to the club’s code of conduct, in what they say and do;

-          Recognising that under-18 referees are children and should receive the same support as every other under-18 in the game.

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