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Worthing Town FC will be following strict guidelines set out by the Government and the FA with regards to our return to football following the global Covid-19 pandemic. Social-distancing should be observed at all times by visitors to Palatine Park. Your safety, and the safety of others around you is our primary objective as we try to return to our 'new normal' and footballing activities.

Self-check BEFORE travelling to the ground

Everyone should check that neither they nor anyone in their household has had any of the recognised Covid-19 symptoms in the last two weeks. If so, they should not travel to the match.

For details on symptoms please visit:


Our café and kiosk are open for service. Our preferred methods of payment are by contactless card payment or correct cash payment, however, we are able to offer change if required. 

If you wish to go upstairs to the café please wear a mask inside the clubhouse. A take away service is on offer. Please follow the one-way system in and out of the building. Follow the signs for guidance.

Track and Trace

We want to do our bit to support track and trace. (Worthing Town FC) Palatine Park is a registered address with the NHS track and trace scheme. Please download the NHS app, locate one of the posters around the clubhouse and scan yourselves here.


Worthing Town FC will retain players registers for training and matchdays.


We ask that visiting teams also retain a list of all of your players and members of your visiting party for reference should this be needed. This should be kept by your club for 21 days.


Please maintain social-distancing at all times and show respect to other park users. Do not crowd people and follow one-way systems in the building and on the field that may be in place.

Spectators at training sessions and on match days must refrain from grouping and follow the Government guidelines regarding the 'Rule of Six'.

For more details on Social-Distancing please read:


One-Way Systems

Palatine Park is a big open space, however, to avoid crossover of people in congested areas we have implemented a one-way system from the car park onto the field and return to the car park following training or your team’s match. Please see the map indicating details below.

Entry & Exit Routes.jpg

There is also a one-way system in and out of the building for use of the café upstairs in the clubroom. Entry to the building can be gained via the main entrance at the front of the building near the car park.

Exit from the clubroom is via the back stairwell and out into the compound at the rear of the building. Please follow the signs here back onto the field. 

The only exception to this is for lift users.

Hand hygiene

We'll be following the FA guidelines and asking all players, coaches and match officials to sanitize their hands before and after the match. There are hand sanitizing stations on entry to the ground from the car park and a number of points located throughout the clubhouse. Please also bring your own hand sanitiser for your team to use.


Toilet facilities are available for use for players and spectators. These are within the clubhouse and accessible through the back entrance of the clubhouse, the player's corridor. Please use hand sanitizer on entry and wash your hands afterwards.

Changing rooms

There will be no access to changing facilities at Palatine Park for players to change into kit before the game, or shower and change after the game. This will also apply to match officials. Players from visiting teams and match officials should arrive changed and ready for the game or be prepared to change outside on the field.

Player conduct

Please make sure that your players are aware of and comply with the FA code of behaviour regarding social distancing at set-pieces, during goal celebrations, if they are a substitute and maintain good hygiene - no spitting etc.

Security of belongings

Worthing Town FC takes no responsibility for the security of players belongings whilst at Palatine Park. No belongings should be left in the clubhouse unattended. Visiting teams are advised to group their equipment, bags and belongings close to their off-field personnel by the side of the pitch.

Arrival / Departure

We ask that all attendees to Palatine Park do not arrive too early for their training or match and upon the completion of you football session that you also leave the park, using any one-way system in place, in a prompt manner.

Enjoy the Game

The past few months have been a big challenge for all of us but at Worthing Town FC we are delighted to be back playing football again. We ask that all visitors to Worthing Town FC, Palatine Park, act in a responsible manner and follow the guidelines outlined.


There will be NO HANDSHAKES prior to the start of matches as we traditionally would have done, instead we are encouraging teams to show respect to their opposition by applauding the visiting team and would very much like to see the parents / spectators join in.


Should the ball exit the field of play we request that only the participants of the match retrieve the ball with their hands if necessary. Please, as parents or spectators at training or a game, DO NOT PICK UP THE FOOTBALL. If you do need to return a football, show us your skills and return with your foot!

By attending Worthing Town FC at Palatine Park, entering the ground and using the facilities you are giving your consent and consent for your child to play football here and adhere to FA COVID-19 GUIDANCE (see below).

There will be Club Officials on duty during training sessions and on match days. Where they identify a problem they will give a gentle reminder to those concerned of the required practice / behaviour, in the event that the issues of concern are not resolved to their satisfaction or repeat offences, they will have the full support to immediately suspend or end the training / match. We hope that this will not be necessary but want to be clear upfront that this is the clubs policy to ensure a safe return to football for all.


Please enjoy your day with us at Worthing Town FC




Key Points relating to the Return to Training

- All training related to Worthing Town FC must take place at Palatine Park (unless approval from the club is received to train elsewhere)

- All participating (youth) players should be accompanied by an adult that stays throughout the session

​- Training sessions will be given an allocated time slot by the football club

- Training sessions will be given an allocated location in the park

- A new one way system from the car park to the field and from the field back to the car park has been implemented

- There must be no more than 30 participants per training session (this includes any coaches)

- There will be a separate allocated spectator area(s) for each training area

- Each coach / manager in charge of a training area will be required to keep a register of those in attendance

- All training sessions will be supervised by a member of the club committee

- Each team should use their own balls, cones and (if required) bibs

- The club will provide anti-bacterial wipes / spray for cleaning footballs and cones at sessions

- There will be suitable hand sanitizer for cleaning of hands before and after sessions

- Equipment from one session to another sessions should not be shared unless it is appropriately cleaned.

Training sessions will be staggered to allow entry and exit without crowding. Parents are asked to arrive no more than five minutes before and depart promptly after to allow smooth change-over of sessions. There is a new one-way system from the car park to the field and from the field back to the car park. Once you have parked your car please walk through the car park and down the footpath by the clubhouse to the corner where the kiosk is situated - from here you will be able to access your training / spectator area. Hand sanitizer is available outside the clubhouse and should be used by all attendees to Palatine Park.


When leaving the park to return to the car park please do so at the divide between the car park and the overflow car park. Again, there will be hand sanitizer available to use.

Any questions / queries, please feel free to direct to or and we will endeavour to help. 

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