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The management team at Worthing Town FC wish to ensure that any complaints received are resolved quickly, simply and fairly. We hope our customers make their views known when things go wrong or when they are unhappy about any service received. It is important for us to seek to resolve these problems in a satisfactory manner.

In all circumstances, individuals are positively encouraged to raise their concerns with the member of management team described within this procedure.

Worthing Town FC will endeavour to respond to each written complaint within ten days.

To raise a complaint

Report in writing/email to the Club Welfare Officer giving full detail including witness's where appropriate.

Subsequent procedure

Complainant will be invited to discuss their complaint with the Club Welfare Officer and the relevant member of the management team.

A strategy will be implemented including full investigation towards resolution. It may be necessary to report the complaint to Sussex County FA.

Should the complainant not be satisfied that their complaint has been dealt with satisfactory please write to the Sussex County FA within 14 days of issuing your complaint explaining the concerns.

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