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Worthing Town FC Philosophy

Football For All


At Worthing Town FC we consider it is our primary responsibility to make sure that players have fun whilst developing as footballers to become the best they can possibly be in a safe environment, which should hopefully instil in them a long term love for the game.


We do not measure the performance of Managers and Coaches in wins and losses, but rather in what players learn in terms of technique, sportsmanship and fair play. Our managers, coaches and officials are charged with the responsibility of controlling their players at all times during a match or training and will lead and teach by example.


Our ethos is football for all, through the provision of teams playing in leagues of different competitive abilities allowing satisfaction through appropriate challenge to be achieved.    


  • Worthing Town FC wish to keep young players of all abilities within the club. 

  • The vision for the club is to have representation at all levels of football, with the very best facilities, giving players incentives to develop their playing ability and to aspire to be the best they can. With an experienced coaching staff and supportive environment, players should grow with the club, improve with the club and ultimately stay with the club, on their journey from mini soccer, through youth football and into adult football.

  • The coaching and playing philosophy will deliver players who are confident in decision making, comfortable on the ball and who have a good technical understanding of the four aspects of football;

  • Defending,

  • Transition to defending,

  • Transition to attack and

  • Attacking.

  • At all times the club will look to exceed expectations set by the FA and be a club for all where young people can learn, play and taste success in many ways.



  • To display high standards of behaviour towards officials and other players.

  • To respect the laws of the game

  • To play from the back, building through the thirds encouraging ball retention.

  • Ball retention/possession should be encouraged throughout - Goalkeeper and defenders long ball distribution should be discouraged, especially for age groups below u14.

  • Players will not have set positions until they reach u12 levels encouraging rotation to aid development.

  • Direct attacking play should be encouraged and players should be praised for showing attacking instinct and striking for goal.

  • Players showing good progression should be encouraged to challenge themselves further by moving to another Worthing town Team playing at a higher standard. This may include playing for an older age group (must not exceed one year group).


  • To place the well being and safety of each player above all else. The priority is to keep all individuals as safe as possible.

  • To always display high standards of behaviour and appearance.

  • To respect and champion the rights of each individual following the Respect code as outlined by the FA respect campaign.

  • To build an appropriate relationship with the individual based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.

  • To ensure that taking part, whether it be coaching or playing, is fun and to never let winning take over as the sole objective.

  • To allow players to develop their football in a fun and positive environment.

  • To allow players to make mistakes and to be given the opportunity to self-correct.

  • To involve the players in the decision making process.

  • Allow players to express themselves without criticism.

  • To listen to each of the players and treat their comments and suggestions with respect.

  • At Worthing Town FC we will continue to improve our knowledge and to keep up-to-date with new methods of coaching in order that we can give our very best to the players.

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